Content should always be optimized to fit any screen, no matter the type of site. It is constantly accessed regardless platforms like android, iOS, or BlackberryOS. Content needs to be presented accordingly devices such as smart phones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, desktops. Including Facebook is letting websites present content to their entire user base.

Flexible is a WordPress child theme of the robust twenty ten. Flexible optimizes and presents content in different screen sizes. It gives readers a seamless experience regardless device or platform.


  • Facebook FanGate
  • Design customization via themekit
  • Google fonts via themekit
  • Icons from Iconic and JustVectors
  • Icon replacement option to display as menu links
  • WordPress 3.1 compatible
  • The power of Twenty Ten
  • Free! GPL license


  • mobile
  • tablets
  • netbooks
  • notebooks
  • desktops
  • Platforms
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Facebook iFrame


Flexible uses responsive standards. Rearranges it’s layout to fit content on different screen resolutions. Simply resize this window to see it in action.


Flexible seamlessly displays on Facebook iFrame resolution. It features a painless Facebook FanGate integration.


Flexible makes customization easy. Its packed with themekit, as well as GITX. Themekit is an awesome plugin for plain simple customization via Wordrpess editor.


Flexible features awesome icons, and great code. Social Networks icons from CSS-Galleries. Also includes Iconic for handy interface needs.


Google web fonts available via themekit.


Flexible’s website was styled entirely via WordPress Editor.


Flexible is maintained upon WordPress core values “GPL“.


Hector Jarquin – Made Flexible. Twenty Ten – WordPress. Dan Gavin and Sara Cannon – Responsive Team. To our friends at https://sites.google.com/site/hvacseoservices/, . Josh Lyford and Jared Harbour – Themekit. Alex Peattie – JustVector Social Icons.. P.J. Onori – Iconic Icon Set.


Go to Facebook. Click the like button and get flexible completely free!

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